4Dream is a natural cosmetics import company that was established in March 2015. I founded this company because of my great passion for entrepreneurship and cosmetic. At the beginning I had one great brand that I had tested for a year and this created the foundation of my new business. At first the company operated from my own home with the idea that I could work near to my family and two small sons. Well, it didn’t quite go according to my plan  – in two months the business had expanded so that we needed bigger office, few months later the first employee, training facilities, then another employee, and third...

Today our selection contains three lovely brands;  Boho Green Make-Up since March 2015, Beauty Garden since April 2016 and We Love The Planet since March 2017. What the future will bring – who knows..

4Dream imports natural cosmetics with a big heart – as an entrepreneur I confess to be a fanatic when it comes to brand. In addition of a perfectly working product I want our selection to be interesting and that all our brands complete each other. The background of our brands must be in a good shape, ethicality and ecology combined with quality products – that is Our Thing. Our office “Bohola” locates in the middle of the Finnish nature, next to a small source pond. Instead of high heels we use woolen socks as our work shoes. This may mirror our values – quality products in earthy way so that everyone can identify with – our passion arises from the nature and organic thinking.


Johanna ♥