Boho Green Make-Up

Boho Green Make-Up - an ecological, ethical and affordable natural cosmetic brand from France

Boho Green Make-Up is a color rich natural make-up brand which uniquely combines naturalness, sustainable development, ethical values and reasonable pricing. Boho Green Make-Up is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development – the main target is to provide consumers affordable, high quality and colorful make-up products in respect of the nature and animals. The used raw materials are natural resources that are easily renewable, and all packaging is recyclable without any over packaging.  

The product range consists of high quality cosmetic products: make-up, nail polish and make-up brushes. All products are natural with high percentage of organic ingredients.

Boho Green Make-Up brand has several certificates , such as the COSMEBIO certificate, which guarantees the naturalness of the products, as well as the One Voice Certification that ensures that the products are not tested on animals.

Boho products are imported by the Finnish company 4Dream Ky. Retailers in Finland are beauty and hair salons, boutiques and life-style shops with an ecological ideology and health food shops.

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